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Trulkhor (Skt. vayv-adhisāra, *yantrayoga;[1]Tib. འཕྲུལ་འཁོར་ or འཁྲུལ་འཁོར་, trulkhor or trulkhor, Wyl. 'phrul 'khor or 'khrul 'khor), often translated as 'yogic exercises'. It is "a system of practice that includes physical movements, breathing exercises and methods of concentration. It can be considered the equivalent of hatha yoga within the Buddhist tradition."[2] It is often connected with the practice of tummo.

Alternative Translations

  • Wheels of technique (Berotsana)
  • Magical movements
  • Yogic hydraulics
  • Circulatory manipulation


  1. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche back translated trulkhor into Sanskrit as yantra-yoga, yet this does not seem to be attested in any Sanskrit sources.
  2. Adriano Clemente, from his foreword in the book Yantra Yoga

Further Reading

  • Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Yantra Yoga: Tibetan Yoga of Movement, Illustrated edition (Ithaca, N.Y: Snow Lion, 2008).