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The '''two luminosities''' (Tib. <big>འོད་གསལ་གཉིས་</big>, ''ösal nyi''; [[Wyl.]] ''<nowiki>'</nowiki>od gsal gnyis'') are:
The '''two luminosities''' (Tib. <big>འོད་གསལ་གཉིས་</big>, ''ösal nyi'', [[Wyl.]] ''<nowiki>'</nowiki>od gsal gnyis'') are:
#[[Ground luminosity]] or mother luminosity
#[[Ground luminosity]] or mother luminosity

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The two luminosities (Tib. འོད་གསལ་གཉིས་, ösal nyi, Wyl. 'od gsal gnyis) are:

  1. Ground luminosity or mother luminosity
  2. Path luminosity or child luminosity