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Bhurkumkuta, courtesy of Nyingjei Lam

Ucchusma (Skt. Ucchuṣma; Tib. སྨེ་བརྩེགས་, Metsek, Wyl. sme brtsegs) — a wrathful form of Vajrapani found in the Düpa Do and such practices as Removing All Defilements of Samaya (Damdrip Nyepa Kunsel).


There is only one canonical text solely dedicated to Ucchusma preserved in the Tibetan kangyur. It is classified as a kriya tantra.

  • The Mantra Praising the Wrathful King Bhurkuṃkūṭa (Skt. krodha bhurkuṃkūṭa rāja stotra mantra; Wyl. sme brtsegs bstod sngags, or more fully khro bo'i rgyal po sme brtsegs la bstod pa'i sngags, D 756).

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