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Bhurkumkuta, courtesy of Nyingjei Lam

Ucchusma (Skt. Ucchuṣma; Tib. སྨེ་བརྩེགས་, Metsek, Wyl. sme brtsegs) — a wrathful form of Vajrapani who is associated with the purification of defilements and pollution of samaya (Damdrip Nyepa Kunsel).


The Tibetan kangyur preserves one kriya tantra dedicated to Ucchusma:[1]

  • The Mantra Praising the Wrathful King Bhurkuṃkūṭa (Skt. krodha bhurkuṃkūṭa rāja stotra mantra; Wyl. sme brtsegs bstod sngags, or more fully khro bo'i rgyal po sme brtsegs la bstod pa'i sngags, D 756).


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  1. The title of the following text suggests that the deity’s name is Bhurkumkuta. As also attested by the Tibetan tradition, since the deity is commonly called Ucchusma in Sanskrit, it is unclear where this name comes. It might be a second, less common name of the deity.

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