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A story

I am christened Arnt Christian Teigen, but no longer member of any church/sangha. I exited the Norwegian Lutheran state church around my 15th birthday (1985), I believe, in order to join the pentacostle congregation called Tabernaklet in Skien, Norway. I was, due to the procedures of pentacostle christians, baptized by water, and soon also by fire, as such charismatic christians think of it - that is, enabling the extatic state, and thereby receiving one, or more, of the gifts of mercy (christian equivalent to shunyata - emptyness). I have now found that the teachings of the Christ on baptisms are far more preserved by the tibetan traditions, and especially, I think, Kalachakra Tantra.... It was a period of an emerging awakening in the church in this period that shook the congregation. Sadly it was a lot more power and charisma than wisdom and clarity. The congregation was thrown into dualisms and a severe schism occured. This schismatic situation also manifested in my soul, whereby I found that I no longer could be regarding myself as a being chosen by God. It was neither fair, right or just. I disagreed with God, not loosing my faith in the spiritual reality (Alaya? or Dharmadhatu?) underlying everything. For me it is of some interest that my conflict with God, was with the Father aspect, not the Son. The turning point for me, that made me dis spell, so to say, the refuge of this community was an aunt who I had labelled New Age. It is a sad fact that quite many fundamentalistic christians believe that the Anti Christ will emerge from the conspiration surrounding the New Age movement. I was submerged into this view as well, and prepared to reveal this for my beloved aunt in hope that she would realize the hidden dangers of the rainbow. The end of that story was that I was realizing that I was judgmental in a dangerous way. I had a very hard time after this, and it took some time until I finally got out. In my delusion I even surrendered my soul to Satan. In matter of fact my aunt was not New Age, but rather she is a cathar (her name even is Kari, Norwegian form of Catharina).

The art of Re-incarnation

I am personally convinced of a Manichean/Cathar-Tibetan connection throughout history. I think so, to some extent, because of research to a small degree (the field is troubled waters), but mostly because of mystic experiences. I more precisely think that the Cathars and Bogomils was of the Kagyu family. I even intuit this mystery to be linked to the origin, the location and cessation of the Karmapa controversy. I have had some strong experiences that have made me believe I (the parfait spirit who tries to tame my ego-clinging) have lived before as a Cathar, or even as a Bogomil. There were big problems with the Church(ianity) as the Cathar teaching considered this world as Samsaric, the bonnehommes (colloqial term of the Cathars) found it appropriate to tell that the maker of this illusion was Satan (e.g. demiurge). The people of the area of the Cathars, mostly in Southern France, turned away from the Church(ianity) and became a popular idea that the Pope was worshiping the false God. The God of illusion. This was not very well received. The Albigensian Heretics were in turn accused for Satanism. And, when it was rumored that the Bogomils and the Cathars even contested the pope by "electing" their own pope, the church was alarmed and the era of inquisition begun. I have not found any evidence for my "theory" that this pope of the christian Manicheans actually was H.H. Karmapa (or H.H. Dalai Lama?), but I am very curious of this. Are there any recording in Tibet about journeys to the west by the great masters in early 13th Century (or earlier)? Or are there anyone who have found some gong gter, mind treasures? I would be happy to learn about it.

My story of breaking with the congregation and subsequent release of Karmic seeds have naturally made me battle with a fierce demon. This demon is still around and have created a lot of trouble in my life. I believe it is due to this demon that I became an actor. So, in that sense I have learned a lot of him. I think of him as of spider nature, but he is a shape-shifter, quite tricky in other words. For a little more than a year ago I had my toughest time since my first encounter with this. It took control of me, but luckily I was with whom I consequently regard as my root guru (a Norwegian Shaman). He helped me out of the spell. This incident was the actual event that made me break through the invisible east-west wall and seek refuge in Buddhism, the Kagyu family in Oslo. I thought I was a bit discouraged when I made my approach to the Sangha, but I did not know, at the time, that the Karmapa controversy was dividing the Oslo Sangha from the Bergen Sangha. Thus I have come to believe that there is a special meaning to this due to Soria Moria and Kalachakra Tantra.

Pio is a name from a dream I had some years ago. I dreamt that I lived at the moon. In the dream I was a little boy. I got prominent visitors from the earth, to them I presented myself as Pio. I remember I walked around my little hut, then suddenly the moon rose.... or.... here was the glitch... It rose with tremendous speed and passed zenit in seconds. I realised the glitch of logic. The moon stopped, became empty clear, transformed into an opening into the heavenly realm. A rush of bliss poured through my body, which made me awake. I have used Pio in storymaking, and also identified him as a different character, grown up, that I have been in dreaming. In the storymaking I have given him the surname Bogomil.

Last time we were at the auspicious 8th day of the New moon, I dreamt about the Karmapa controversy. I sort of dreamt a reflection of the prophetic dream Tenzin Gyatso (H.H. Dalai Lama) had on the location of the 17th Karmapa. My dream was sort of lucid, but I have thought of it as a Samsaric dream since I had been seeing the youtube video of this story just before. On the other side I had a fairly inspired meditation, in regard of the Opasatha, which I suddenly saw in regard of the Kalachakra, the cycle of the Moon. I started this observation last Tara day. On the equivalent waning phase I had another peculiar dream. I dreamt that H.H. Dalai Lama came to my hometown, Skien. Not only did he come. But he came to inform the citizens of the city that he was going to move here. There were naturally many Lamas, munks and nuns. The meeting was in the big city hall. called the house of Ibsen. (Skien renders itself as the city of dramaticists, because Ibzen was born here). On my way to the meeting and a ritual-performance in the centre square of the city, I glanced at the doubled spired church of Skien. This dream has settled the controversy of the two Karmapas for me. Allthough, in the performance there was a slight disturbance, between me, my character, I performed a Deva and the person playing the Asura I had to deal with. But it went very well, and two texts appeared in the centre of the half circle. I have believed there were ten Devas taking care of ten Asuras in the half circle, but I haven't, until I am writing this now, related the half circle to the half moon phase which I find plausible.

As a preliminary ending to this story I would like to dedicate a thousand thanks, as we say in Norway, to the great teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpopche

--Pio 00:00, 4 March 2009 (UTC)