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ཀར་ཤ་པ་ན། (Wyl. kar sha pa na ) Pron.: kar shapa na

  • Skt. कार्षापणम्, kārṣāpaṇa, Pron.: karshapana. From Sanskrit: 'weighing a Karsha', a coin or weight of different values (if of gold, = 16 Māshas | if of silver, = 16 Paṇas or 1280 Kowries, commonly termed a Kahān | if of copper, = 80 Raktikās or about 176 grains | but | to some = only 1 Paṇa of Kowries or 80 Kowries | worth so many Kārshāpaṇas | money, gold and silver | N. of a warrior-tribe | the chief of this tribe [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW