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ཁ། (Wyl. kha ) Pron.: kha

  • Skt. मुखम्, mukha, Pron.: mukha. From Sanskrit: or | the mouth, face, countenance | | the beak of a bird, snout or muzzle of an animal | a direction, quarter | •esp. | turning or turned towards, facing | also | the mouth or spout of a vessel | opening aperture, entrance into or egress out of | or | the mouth or embouchure (of a river) | the fore part, front, van (of an army) | the upper part, head, top, tip or point of anything | (also | in | the edge (of an axe) | the nipple (of a breast) | the surface, upper side | the chief, principal, best | = having any one or anything as chief | introduction, commencement, beginning | = beginning with | also | the use of | source, cause, occasion of | or | a means | by means of | (in •dram.) the original cause or source of the action | (in •alg.) the first term or initial quantity of a progression | (in •geom.) the side opposite to the base, the summit | the Veda | rock salt | copper | Artocarpus Locuchs [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. आस्यम्, āsya, Pron.: asya. From Sanskrit: mouth, jaws | face | belonging to the mouth or face, belonging to that part of the mouth or face, belonging to that part of the mouth which is the organ of uttering sounds or letters [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW