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གཟུགས། (Wyl. gzugs) n. Pron.: zuk

  • matter (as one of five aggregates) ▷RTH
  • Skt. rūpa. Form, 1. Skandha, cf. ཕུང་པོ་ལྔ་ [Abhidharma] [Five skandhas] [Eighteen dhatus] [Twelve ayatanas]
  • sights [Samkhya Tenets] [Twenty-Five Principles] [Five subtle objects]
  • Skt. रूपम्, rūpa, Pron.: rupa. From Sanskrit: perhaps connected with | rarely | any outward appearance or phenomenon or colour | often | form, shape, figure | in the form of | or | to assume a form | often | = 'having the form or appearance or colour of', 'formed or composed of', 'consisting of', 'like to' | sometimes used after an | or | to emphasize its meaning or almost redundantly | or connected with a verb | he cooks very well | dreamy or phantom shapes | handsome form, loveliness, grace, beauty, splendour | nature, character, peculiarity, feature, mark, sign, symptom | likeness, image, reflection | circumstances (•opp. to 'time' and 'place') | sort, kind | mode, manner, way | trace of. | a single specimen or exemplar (and therefore a term for the number 'one') | a •partic. coin (prob. a rupee) | a show, play, drama | (in •alg.) the arithmetical unit | integer number | known or absolute number, a known quantity as having specific form | and expressed by | first syllable of | (in gram.) any form of a noun or verb (as inflected by declension or conjugation) | (in •phil.) the quality of colour (one of the 17 or 24 Guṇas of the Vaiśeshikas) | material form | the organized body (as one of the 5 constituent elements or Skandhas) | (in •dram.) a reflection or remark made under •partic. circumstances when the action is at its height | only | cattle | a beast | a sound, word | rereading a book | a word of unknown meaning | N. of a people | or | N. of a place [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. विम्बम्, vimbam, Pron.: vimbam [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP

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