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གླེང་གཞིའི་སྡེ། (Wyl. gleng gzhi'i sde ) Pron.: leng shyi dé

  • contextual accounts [Literature Terminology] [Twelve Branches of the Teachings]
  • cf. གླེང་གཞི་
  • Skt. निदानम्, nidāna, Pron.: nidana. From Sanskrit: n. a band, rope, halter | a first or primary cause (cf. [ni-bandhana]) | original form or essence ([ena] ind. originally, essentially , properly) | (with cf. Buddh.) a cause of existence (12 in number) | any cause or motive | the cause of a disease and enquiry into it, pathology (= [nidāna-sthāna]) | = [nidāna-sūtra] | cessation, end | purification, correctness | claiming the reward of penitential acts | [-tattva] n. [-pradīpa] m. N. of wks. | [-vat] ([nidāna-]), mfn. funded on a cause, essential | [-vid] mfn. knowing the causes or symptoms of a disease | [-saṃgraha] m. N. of a medic. wk. | [-sūtra] n. N. of wk. on metres and Vedic Stomas | [-sthāna], ii. the subject of the causes of diseases, pathology (one of the 5 departments of medic. science) | [-dān arthakara] mfn. operating as a cause [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW