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ཆུ་བུར་ཅན། (Wyl. chu bur can) n. Pron.: chubur chen

  • Hell of Blisters [Three Realms of Samsara] [Desire Realm] [Hell Realms]
  • Skt. अर्बुदः, arbuda, Pron.: arbuda. From Sanskrit: Ved. a serpent-like demon (conquered by Indra, a descendant of Kadrū therefore called Kādraveya | said to be the author of | id. | N. of the above-named hymn | a long round mass (said especially of the shape of the foetus in the second half of the first month | or in the second month | a swelling, tumour, polypus | ten millions | N. of a mountain in the west of India (commonly called Abū, a place of pilgrimage of the Jainas, and celebrated for its Jaina temples) | N. of a people [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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