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ཉ། (Wyl. nya ) n. Pron.: nya

  • Pisces [Astrology] [Twelve Signs of the Zodiac]
  • Skt. मत्स्यः, matsya, Pron.: matsya. From Sanskrit: and | a fish | (personified as a prince with the | a •partic. species of figure | a •partic. luminous appearance | the 12th sign of the zodiac (Pisces) | a •partic. figure | N. of a people and country (which | to | forms part of Brahmarshi | a king of the Matsyas. | N. of Virāṭa (as having been found by fishermen, along with his sister Matsyā or Satya-vatī, in the body of the Apsaras Adrikā, metamorphosed into a fish) | N. of a pupil of Deva-mitra Śākalya [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW