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ཐ་སྙད། (Wyl. tha snyad) n. Pron.: tanyé

  • convention [Logic] [Epistemology]
  • Skt. व्यवहारः, vyavahāra, Pron.: vyavahara. From Sanskrit: doing, performing, action, practice, conduct, behaviour | with | commerce or intercourse with | saha or | affair, matter | usage, custom, wont, ordinary life, common practice | activity, action or practice of occupation or business with | or | mercantile transaction, traffic, trade with, dealing in | a contract | legal procedure, contest at law with | litigation, lawsuit, legal process | below | practices of law and kingly government | mathematical process | administration of justice | punishment | competency to manage one's own affairs, majority (in law) | propriety, adherence to law or custom | the use of an expression, with regard to, speaking about | designation | compulsory work | a sword | a sort of tree | N. of a •ch. of the Agni-purāṇa. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW