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དགེ་འདུན། (Wyl. dge 'dun ) n. Pron.: gendün

  • Sangha [Buddha Nature] [Uttaratantra Shastra] [Seven vajra points]
  • Skt. saṇgha.
  • Skt. संघः, saṁgha, Pron.: sangha. From Sanskrit: fr. | + | 'close contact or combination', any collection or assemblage, heap, multitude, quantity, crowd, host, number (generally with | or | 'a multitude of sages' | a host of enemies | any number of people living together for a certain purpose, a society, association, company, community | a clerical community, congregation, church | with Buddhists | also applied to a monkish fraternity or sect among Jainas [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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