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དཔའ་བོ། (Wyl. dpa' bo) n. Pron.: pawo

  • Skt. ḍāka. [Classes of beings]
  • Skt. Āryaśūra. In Tibetan he is often called སློབ་དཔན་དཔའ་བོ་. [Indian Masters] [Historical Masters]
  • Skt. शूरः, śūra, Pron.: shura. From Sanskrit: prob. fr. | and connected with | strong, powerful, valiant, heroic, brave | and | a strong or mighty or valiant man, warrior, champion, hero, one who acts heroically towards, any one | or with regard to anything | or | heroism | ?, = or | for | a lion | a tiger or panther | a boar | a dog | a cock | white rice | lentil | Arthocarpus Locucha | Vatica Robusta | N. of a Yādava, the father of Vasu-deva and grandfather of Kṛishṇa | of a Sauvīraka | of a son of Īlina | of a son of Kārtavīrya | of a son of Vidūratha | of a son of Deva-mīḍhusha | of a son of Bhajamāna | of a son of Vasu-deva | of a son of Vatsa-prī | of a poet | of various other men | for | N. of a people [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. वीरः, vīra, Pron.: vira. From Sanskrit: a man, (•esp.) a brave or eminent man, hero, chief (sometimes applied to gods, as to Indra, Vishṇu | men, people, mankind, followers, retainers | a hero (as •opp. to a god) | a husband | a male child, son (collect. male progeny) | the male of an animal | who is between the | and the | (in •dram.) heroism (as one of the 8 Rasas [q.v.]¨;¨the Vīra-carita | an actor | a •partic. Agni (son of Tapas) | fire, (•esp.) sacred or sacrificial fire | N. of various plants (Terminalia Arunja | Nerium Odorum | Guilandina Bonduc, manioc-root | N. of an Asura | of a son of Dhṛita-rāshṭra | of a son of Bharad-vāja | of a son of Purusha Vairāja and father of Priya-vrata and Uttāna-pāda | of a son of Gṛiñjima | of two sons of Kṛishṇa | of a son of Kshupa and father of Vivin6śa | of the father of Līlāvatī | of a teacher of Vinaya | of the last Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī | also with | of various authors | of a class of gods under Manu Tāmasa [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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