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བསྒྲུབ་བྱ། (Wyl. bsgrub bya) n. Pron.: drubja

  • probandum [Logic] [Epistemology]
  • Skt. साध्यः, sādhya, Pron.: sadhya. From Sanskrit: to be subdued or mastered or won or managed, conquerable, amenable | to be summoned or conjured up | to be set to rights, to be treated or healed or cured | to be formed (grammatically) | to be cultivated or perfected | to be accomplished or fulfilled or brought about or effected or attained, practicable, feasible, attainable | being effected or brought about, taking place | to be prepared or cooked | to be inferred or concluded | to be proved or demonstrated | to be found out by calculation | to be killed or destroyed | relating to the Sādhyas | below | 'they that are to be propitiated', N. of a class of celestial beings (belonging to the | sometimes mentioned in the Veda [see | the god of love | N. of a Vedic Ṛishi | of the 21st astronomical Yoga [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. साध्यम्, sādhya, Pron.: sadhya [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP