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བླ་མ། (Wyl. bla ma) n. Pron.: lama

  • lama, guru
  • spiritual mentor ▷AW
  • mentor ▷RTH
  • Skt. guru, Pron.: guru. From Sanskrit: heavy, weighty | great, large, extended, long | (in prosody) long by nature or position (a vowel) (a vowel long both by nature and by position is called [garīyas] | high in degree, vehement, violent, excessive, difficult, hard | grievous | important, serious, momentous | valuable, highly prized ([guru] = [garīyas]) | haughty, proud (speech) cf. Pañcat | venerable, respectable | m. any venerable or respectable person (father, mother, or any relative older than one's self) | a spiritual parent or preceptor (from whom a youth receives the initiatory Mantra or prayer, who instructs him in the Śāstras and conducts the necessary ceremonies up to that of investiture which is performed by the Ācārya | the chief of (gen. or in comp.) | (with Śāktas) author of a Mantra | ‘preceptor of the gods’, Bṛhaspati | (hence) the planet Jupiter | ‘Pāṇḍu-teacher’, Droṇa cf. L. | Prabhā-kara (celebrated teacher of the Mīmāṃsā, usually mentioned with Kumārila) | (= [dharma]) ‘venerable’, the 9th astrological mansion | Mucuna pruritus | N. of a son of Saṃkṛti | a honorific appellation of a preceptor (whose N. is also put in the pl.), Jain | ([vī]), f. ‘venerable woman’, a mother | ‘great (with child)’, pregnant, a pregnant woman | the wife of a teacher
  • Skt. उत्तरः, uttara, Pron.: uttara. From Sanskrit: superior, chief, excellent, dominant, predominant, more powerful | gaining a cause (in law) | better, more excellent | northern (because the northern part of India is high) | left (opposed to) | or right, because in praying the face being turned to the east the north would be on the left hand | later, following, subsequent, latter, concluding, posterior, future | (opposed to | future time | a following speech, answer, reply | subsequent result, future consequence | in future years | followed by | N. of a son of Virāṭa | of a king of the Nāgas | N. of a mountain | of several men | N. of a school [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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