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མཇུག་རིང། (Wyl. mjug ring ) n. Pron.: jukring

  • Ketu [Astrology] [Nine Planets]
  • Skt. केतुः, ketu, Pron.: ketu. From Sanskrit: fr. | bright appearance, clearness, brightness (often | lamp, flame, torch | day-time | apparition, form, shape | sign, mark, ensign, flag, banner | a chief, leader, eminent person | intellect, judgement, discernment (?) | any unusual or striking phenomenon, comet, meteor, falling star | the dragon's tail or descending node (considered in •astron. as the 9th planet, and in mythol. as the body of the demon Sain6hikeya [son of Sin6hikā] which was severed from the head or Rāhu by Vishṇu at the churning of the ocean, but was rendered immortal by having tasted the Amṛita) | 'a pigmy race' | below | disease | an enemy | N. of a son of Agni (author of | with the | Vājya | N. of a Dānava | of a son (of Ṛishabha | of the 4th Manu, viii, 1, 27 | a kind of sacrificial fire is called after them [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW