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མཉམ་པར་བཞག་པ། (Wyl. mnyam par bzhag pa ) Pron.: nyampar shyakpa

  • Skt. समाहितः, samāhita, Pron.: samahita. From Sanskrit: put or held together joined assembled, combined, united | joined or furnished or provided with | or | put to, added (as fuel to fire) | put or placed in or upon, directed, applied, fixed, imposed, deposited, entrusted, delivered over | composed, collected, concentrated | as the thoughts upon, with | one who has collected his thoughts or is fixed in abstract meditation, quite devoted to or intent upon | with | devout, steadfast, firm | put in order, set right, adjusted | suppressed, repressed, lowered (as speech) | made, rendered | completed, finished, ended | concluded, inferred, demonstrated, established | granted, admitted, recognised, approved | corresponding or equal to, like, resembling | harmonious, sounding faultlessly | a pure or holy man | great attention or intentness | in | a •partic. kind of comparison [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW