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འཕགས་པ། (Wyl. 'phags pa) n. Pron.: pakpa

འཕགས་པ།  འཕགས་པ།  འཕགས་པ།    ༼ཐ་མི་དད་པ་༽
past pres. fut. imp. v.i.
  • holy, saints ▷EC
  • holy ▷RTH ▷CPT
  • Skt. ārya.
  • Skt. उच्चलितः, uccalita, Pron.: uchchalita. From Sanskrit: gone up or out, setting out | springing or jumping up [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. प्रियः, priya, Pron.: priya. From Sanskrit: beloved, dear to (gen., loc., dat. or comp.), liked, favourite, wanted, own (with abl.’dearer than’ R. Kathās. Pañcat | [priyaṃ-√ kṛ] Ā. [kurute], either ’to gain the affection of, win as a friend’ | or ’to feel affection for, love more and more’) | dear, expensive, high in price (cf. [priya-dhānyaka], [priy^anna- tva]) | fond of attached or devoted to (loc.) (id. in comp., either ibc., e.g. [priya-devana],’fond of playing’, or ifc., e.g. [akśa-priya],’fond of dice’ | ifc. also = pleasant, agreeable, e.g. [gamana-priya],’pleasant to go’) | m. a friend Gaut | a lover, husband | a son-in-law | a kind of deer | N. of 2 medicinal plants | f. a mistress, wife [cf. Old Sax. [fr^i], Angl. Sax. [fre'o],’a wife’] | the female of an animal Var | news | small cardamoms | Arabian jasmine | spirituous liquor | N. of a daughter of Daksha | of various metres Col. | n. love, kindness, favour, pleasure | ind. agreeably, kindly, in a pleasant way [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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