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ཡང་དག་པའི་རྟོག་པ། (Wyl. yang dag pa'i rtog pa ) Pron.: yangdakpé tokpa

  • Skt. सम्यक्संकल्पः, samyaksaṁkalpa, Pron.: samyaksankalpa. From Sanskrit: right resolve. From: saṁkalpa, conception or idea or notion formed in the mind or heart, (esp.) will, volition, desire, purpose, definite intention or determination or decision or wish for (with loc., dat., or ifc.), sentiment, conviction, persuasion | (ibc. often = 'intentionally', 'purposely', 'on purpose', 'according to will' | acc. with √ [kṛ], 'to form a resolution, make up one's mind' | idea or expectation of any advantage | a solemn vow or determination to perform any ritual observance, declaration of purpose (e.g. a declaration by a widow of her intention to burn herself with her deceased husband) | the Will personified (as a son of Saṃ-kalpā and Brahmā) | ([ā]), f. N. of a daughter of Daksha (the wife of Dharma and mother of Saṃkalpa) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW