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རྡོ་རྗེ། (Wyl. rdo rje ) Pron.: dorje

  • Skt. वज्रम्, vajra, Pron.: vajra. From Sanskrit: 'the hard or mighty one', a thunderbolt (•esp. that of Indra, said to have been formed out of the bones of the Ṛishi Dadhīca or Dadhīci [q.v.], and shaped like a circular discus, or in later times regarded as having the form of two transverse bolts crossing each other thus x | sometimes also applied to similar weapons used by various gods or superhuman beings, or to any mythical weapon destructive of spells or charms, also to | 'wrath' | or | with | to a jet of water | also applied to a thunderbolt in general or to the lightning evolved from the centrifugal energy of the circular thunderbolt or of the same substance with it), ShaḍvBr. | a kind of talc | a kind of penance (feeding for a month on only barley prepared with cow's urine) | sour gruel | a form of military array, Mn. | a kind of column or pillar | a •partic. form of the moon | a •partic. Ekāha, Vait. | a kind of hard mortar or cement | N. of the 15th of the 27 Yogas or astronomical divisions of time | a •partic. Soma ceremony | Euphorbia Antiquorum and another species | Astera | N. of a mountain | of an Asura | of a son of Aniruddha | of a son of Viśvāmitra | of a son of Manu Sāvarṇa | of one of the 10 Dala-pūrvins | of a Ṛishi | for #{vAtsya} | of a minister of Narendrāditya | of a son of Bhūti | of a heretical king [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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