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ལུང། (Wyl. lung) n. Pron.: lung

  • Skt. āgama.
  • Skt. आगमः, āgama, Pron.: agama. From Sanskrit: coming near, approaching | arrival, coming, approach | origin | appearance or reappearance | course (of a fluid), issue | of blood | income, lawful acquisition | of property | reading, studying | acquisition of knowledge, science | a traditional doctrine or precept, collection of such doctrines, sacred work, Brāhmaṇa | anything handed down and fixed by tradition (as the reading of a text or a record, title-deed) | addition | a grammatical augment, a meaningless syllable or letter inserted in any part of the radical word | N. of a rhetorical figure | a Tantra or work inculcating the mystical worship of Śiva and Śakti. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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