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སྣར་མ། (Wyl. snar ma ) n. Pron.: narma

  • Skt. Rohini. Aldeberan [Astrology] [Twenty-Seven Lunar Constellations]
  • Skt. रोहिणी, rohiṇī, Pron.: rohini. From Sanskrit: f. of [rohita],’red’, below | also f. of [rohin] above) a red cow or [later] any cow (represented as a daughter of Surabhi and mother of cattle, esp. of Kāma-dhenu,’cow of plenty’ | in the Veda, Rohiṇī may perhaps also mean’a red mare’) | N. of the ninth Nakshatra or lunar asterism and of the lunar day belonging to it (in this sense it may optionally have the accent on the last syllable | it is personified as a daughter of Daksha, and as the favourite wife of the Moon, called’the Red one’ from the colour of the star Aldebaran or principal star in the constellation which contains 5 stars, prob. Tauri, and is figured by a wheeled vehicle or sometimes by a temple or fish | it is exceptionally pl., and in cf. TS. and cf. TBr. there are 2 Nakshatras of this name | it may also be used as an adj. and mean ’born under the Nakshatra Rohiṇī’ | lightning | a young girl (in whom menstruation has just commenced) | others’a girl nine years of age’| N. of various plants (= Helleborus Niger | Acacia Arabica | Gmelina Arborea) | inflammation of the throat (of various kinds) | (in music) a partic. Śruti cf. Saṃgīt | a partic. Mūrchanā cf. ib. | a kind of steel | N. of two wives of Vasudeva and the mother of Bala-rāma | of a wife of Kṛshṇa | of the wife of Mahā-deva | of a daughter of Hiraṇya-kaśipu | of one of the 16 Vidyā-devīs | of a river [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW