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སྨིན་དྲུག (Wyl. smin drug ) n. Pron.: mindruk

  • Skt. Krittika. Pleiades [Astrology] [Twenty-Seven Lunar Constellations]
  • Skt. kārtika. tenth month (Pleiades)
  • Skt. कृत्तिका, kṛttikā, Pron.: krittika. From Sanskrit: rarely | N. of a constellation (the Pleiads, originally the first, but in later times the third lunar mansion, having Agni as its regent | this constellation, containing six stars, is sometimes represented as a flame or as a kind of razor or knife | for their oldest names | in mythol. the six Kṛittikās are nymphs who became the nurses of the god of war, Kārttikeya | white spots | a vehicle, cart [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW