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Anam Wangchen, 'Anam of Great Power', (19th c.) was a disciple of Dudjom Lingpa, introduced to him by Tulku Jawa Alak.

In one of his biographies, Dudjom Lingpa recounts when he met Anam Wangchen[1]:

At 28 years old, [in 1862], […] I went to the nomad pastures in the Hor area. I practiced many of the Dorje Drollö practices originated from my pure vision cycle. In the middle summer month, someone named Anam Wangchen, Anam of Great Power, came and told me, “I lack trust and confidence because these days so many people claim to be treasure revealers and accomplished adepts. However, Tulku Jawa Alak advised, ‘You should sponsor Gili Tertön [Dudjom Lingpa] to do a recitation ritual for you. If he’s not an emanation of Supreme Orgyen, I’ve deceived you!” Since I heeded his advise, I’m inviting you to come.” I went to his place and performed the Dorje Drollö practice from my treasure revelations.


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