Bé Lodrö Wangchuk

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Bé Lodrö Wangchuk (Tib. སྦས་བློ་གྲོས་དབང་ཕྱུག, Wyl. sbas blo gros dbang phyug) (9th Century) — one of the early Tibetan Dzogchen masters who received all the pith instructions of the aural lineage (Wyl. snyan rgyud) of the Nyingtik teachings from Nyang Tingdzin Zangpo.

He achieved a very high level of spiritual attainment, the immutable form of rainbow body that leaves no physical residue. After this, he entrusted the instructions to Drom Rinchen Bar and then passed away, dissolving into a mass of light in the sky.[1]


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