Eight outer offerings

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The eight traditional offerings placed on a shrine

Eight outer offerings or eight traditional offerings (Wyl. mchod pa brgyad) —

  1. water for drinking (Skt. arghaṃ; Wyl. mchod yon)
  2. water for cleansing the hands and the feet (Skt. pādyaṃ; Wyl. zhabs bsil)
  3. flowers (Skt. puṣpe; Wyl. me tog)
  4. incense (Skt. dhūpe; Wyl. bdug spos pa)
  5. a lamp/light (Skt. āloke; Wyl. mar me)
  6. perfumed/scented water (Skt. gandhe; Wyl. dri chab)
  7. food (Skt. naivedye; Wyl. zhal zas)
  8. music/sound (Skt. śabda; Wyl. rol mo)

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