Eight thoughts of a great being

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The eight thoughts of a great being (Tib. སྐྱེས་བུ་ཆེན་པོའི་རྣམ་རྟོག་བརྒྱད་, kyebu chenpö namtok gyé, Wyl. skyes bu chen po'i rnam rtog brgyad) are as follows:

  1. One day, I shall be able to eliminate the suffering of all beings!
  2. One day, I shall be able to lead all destitute beings to great affluence!
  3. One day, I shall be able to use this body of flesh and blood for the benefit of sentient beings!
  4. One day, even if I must remain for a long time in the hells, I shall be able to bring benefit to beings!
  5. Throughout all my lives, may I never experience any rebirth or possess any three doors, wealth, or power that does not benefit beings, may I never focus solely on relishing the ultimate, and may I never cause harm to sentient beings!
  6. May the results of all beings' harmful actions ripen on me and may the effects of all my virtuous actions ripen on them, bringing them happiness!
  7. One day, I shall be able to fulfil beings' hopes according to their wishes, through great worldly and supramundane riches!
  8. One day, having become a buddha, I shall be able to deliver all sentient beings from suffering!

---Source: Mipham Rinpoche's Gateway to Knowledge

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