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The eight tramen (Skt. piśacī; Tib. ཕྲ་མེན་བརྒྱད་, tramen gyé, Wyl. phra men brgyad), or eight singhama (སིམ་ཧ་བརྒྱད་, sim ha brgyad) are animal-headed deities (tramen literally means 'hybrid') who are counted among the fifty-eight wrathful deities. They are:

  1. Simhamukha (Skt. Siṃhamukhā)[1], The Lion-Faced Lady (seng gdong ma)
  2. Vyaghrimukha (Skt. Vyāghramukhā) The Tiger-Faced Lady (stag gdong ma)
  3. Srigalamukha (Skt. Śṛgālamukhā) The Jackal-Faced Lady (wa gdong ma)
  4. Shvanamukha (Skt. Śvanamukhā) The Wolf-Faced Lady (spyang ki)
  5. Gridhamukha (Skt. Gṛdhramukhā) The Vulture-Faced Lady (bya rgod)
  6. Kangkamukha (Skt. Kaṅkamukhā; Wyl. kang ka mu kha) The Heron-Faced Lady (dur bya)
  7. Kakamukha (Skt. Kākamukhā) The Crow-Faced Lady (bya rog)
  8. Ulumukha (Skt. Ulūkamukhā) The Owl-Faced Lady ( 'ug pa'i gdong can ma)


  1. The Sanskrit words of all eight goddesses are only attested in Monier Williams