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Eleven son scriptures (Tib. སྲས་བཅུ་གཅིག, sé chu chik, Wyl. sras bcu gcig) — of the seventeen sutras upon which the Abhisamayalankara is a commentary, these are the ones which reveal the eight topics only partially.[1] All sutras are contained in the Kangyur's Prajnaparamita section.

  1. 700 Lines on Transcendent Wisdom (Skt. saptaśatikāprajñāpāramitā) (Toh 24), translated in Tibetan by Yeshé Dé and Surendrabodhi.
  2. 500 Lines (Skt. pañcaśatikāprajñāpāramitā) (Toh 15), translated in Tibetan by Shilendrabodhi, Jinamitra and Yeshé Dé; the Sanskrit text is no longer extant.
  3. 50 Lines (Skt. bhagavatī­prajñāpāramitāpañcāśatikā) (Toh 18)
  4. 150 Lines (Skt. prajñāpāramitānayaśatapañcaśatikā) (Toh 17)
  5. 25 Doors (Skt. pañcaviṃśatikāprajñāpāramitāmukha) (Toh 20)
  6. Few Syllables of Transcendent Wisdom (Skt. svalpākṣaraprajñāpāramitā) (Toh 22)
  7. Single Syllable of Transcendent Wisdom (Skt. ekākṣarīmātāprajñāpāramitā) (Toh 23)
  8. Requested by Kaushika (Skt. kauśikaprajñāpāramitā) (Toh 19)
  9. Requested by Suvikrantavikrami (Skt. suvikrāntavikrāmiparipṛcchā­prajñāpāramitānirdeśa) (Toh 14)
  10. Vajra Cutter Sutra (Skt. vajracchedikā) aka 300 Verses (Trishatika) (Toh 16)
  11. The Heart of Wisdom (Skt. Prajñahridaya) (Toh 21)


  1. Khenpo Tsöndrü says, "Regarding the criteria for classifying these as either ‘mother’ or ‘son’ scriptures, sutras revealing the eight clear realizations are termed ‘mother’ scriptures, whilst those revealing them only partially are termed ‘son’."[1]

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