Fifty Stanzas on Following a Teacher

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Fifty Stanzas on Following a Teacher (Skt. Gurupañcāśikā; Tib. བླ་མ་ལྔ་བཅུ་པ་, Wyl. bla ma lnga bcu pa), also known as the Fifty Stanzas on Guru Devotion, is a text composed in Sanskrit by Ashvaghosha that explains how to relate to one's guru.

Tibetan Translation

The Tibetan translation is found in the tantra section of the Tengyur.

Tibetan Commentaries

  • Tsongkhapa, Fulfillment of All Hopes
    • English translation: Tsongkhapa, The Fulfillment of All Hopes: Guru Devotion in Tibetan Buddhism (Somerville: Wisdom Publications, 1999)

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