Five precious substances

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Five precious substances (Wyl. rin chen lnga or rin po che sna lnga). There are several lists.

  1. diamond (rdo rje phalam)
  2. sapphire (ka ka Ni la or mthon mthing)
  3. ruby (rA ga)
  4. emerald (ma rgad, mar gad, as ma gar bha)
  5. amber (ka su ra)


  1. gold (gser)
  2. silver (dngul)
  3. coral (byi ru)
  4. pearl (mu tig)
  5. lapis lazuli (mu men) or copper (zangs)


  1. gold
  2. silver
  3. sapphire
  4. ruby
  5. pearl

Crystal (shal) and turquoise (g.yu) also appear in some lists.

They can also correspond to the Five Metals.