Five wrong ways of remembering

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The five wrong ways of remembering (Tib. མི་འཛིན་པ་ལྔ་, mi dzinpa nga, Wyl. mi 'dzin pa lnga) are:

  1. remembering the words but forgetting the meaning,
  2. remembering the meaning but forgetting the words,
  3. remembering them both but with no understanding,
  4. remembering them with a wrong understanding and
  5. remembering them in the wrong order. [1]

The right conduct in terms of listening to the teachings is described in terms of what to avoid and what to do, so the five wrong ways of remembering belong to the category of what to avoid.




  1. *Patrul Rinpoche, Preliminary Points to be Explained When Teaching the Buddha’s Word or the Treatises, translated by Adam Pearcey.

Alternative Translations

  • The five ways of misremembering (Padmakara Translation Group)

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