Four admirations

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The four admirations (Tib. མོས་པ་རྣམ་བཞི་, möpa nam shyi, Wyl. mos pa rnam bzhi) — four manners in which one can be admired by beings. It is often mentioned in magnetizing practices like Kurukulla.

They are:

  • the admiration of being treated with kindness since one is seen as a father or mother
  • the admiration of being respected since one is seen as a teacher
  • the admiration of being renowned since one is seen as a king
  • the admiration of being loved since one is seen as a friend

The Dungkar Great Tibetan Dictionary gives a similar enumeration

  • being admired as a father or mother
  • being admired as teacher
  • being admired as a king or leader
  • being admired as a lord[1]


  1. Wyl. pha ma lta bur mos pa/rje la mos pa/rgyal po'am gtso bor mos pa/slob dpon lta bur mos pad