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The fourfold interrelated purpose (Tib. དགོས་འབྲེལ་ཡན་ལག་བཞི། ) usually relates to a treatise and refers to:

  1. The subject [of the treatise] (Tib. བརྗོད་བྱ། ),
  2. Its immediate purpose (Tib. དགོས་པ། ),
  3. Its ultimate finality (Tib. ཉིང་དགོས། ) and
  4. The connection (Tib. འབྲེལ་བ།) between these three factors.

These four elements are considered essential for meaningful communication to take place.

To give an example, in the context of the Treasury of Precious Qualities, the subject of the text is the practice of the gradual paths of the three kinds of beings. The immediate purpose is to provide an understanding of the path of liberation through a study of the text. The ultimate objective is the practitioner’s attainment of the final goal. The connection refers to the fact that the previous three elements must be consistent with each other. [1]


  1. Treasury of Precious Qualities, p. 350, Note 7, Translated by Padmakara Translation Group, published by Shambhala. ISBN 1-57062-598-0

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