Könchok Chidü

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Jatsön Nyingpo

Könchok Chidü (Tib. དཀོན་མཆོག་སྤྱི་འདུས་, Wyl. dkon mchog spyi 'dus), ’The Universal Embodiment of the Precious Ones’ — a terma cycle discovered by Rigdzin Jatsön Nyingpo (1585-1656). It is a practice concentrating on Padmasambhava that includes all the three roots. Outwardly, the peaceful form of Padmasambhava as the lama; inwardly, the wrathful form of Padmasambhava as the yidam Guru Drakpo; and secretly, Padmasambhava in the form of Senge Dongma as the dakini. It also includes a form of Padmasambhava for longevity.

The Empowerment of Könchok Chidü