Lama Pema Samphel

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Lama Pema Samphel was a student of Dudjom Lingpa and of Ling Lama Chöjor Gyatso. Lama Pema Samphel left Dudjom Lingpa in Golok, Tibet, with other senior students and made the long journey to Pemakö to find the reincarnation of his master: Dudjom Rinpoche, to whom he taught reading. But, as was said by Dudjom Rinpoche: "Lama Pema Samphel was serene, humble, and very gentle; no matter what I did, he saw it as beautiful due to his great devotion. He never said a cross word[...]. In brief, he always acted as if he were the student, rather than the teacher. Therefore, my reading didn't improve. Ling Lama Chöjor Gyatso saw this situation and scolded Lama Pema Shampel and me in particular. He did divinations and he appointed Lama Khedrup to teach me"[1].


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