Mandala Offering from the Northern Treasures

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Mandala Offering from the Northern Treasures

The Outer Offering

Namo! In the centre of the world, at the heart of the boundless and mighty foundation,
Is Sumeru, the king of mountains, awesome and majestic.
Around it are the seven seas and seven golden mountains.
And, in the cardinal and intermediate directions, the four major and eight minor continents,
All composed of precious materials, flexible yet solid and stable,
And filled with riches that delight the gods and human beings.
There is the light of the sun and moon, dispelling the darkness of the world,
And all is encircled by a fence of iron mountains.
In devotion, I offer these appearances of the outer world to the unsurpassable Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
May I and all other beings complete the accumulations of merit and wisdom,
And swiftly realize the essence of genuine reality!

The Inner Mandala Offering

Namo! In this period, during which the world has been assembled through karmic actions,
All the that I cherish and hold dear—
My country and possessions, fenced in by my desires,
My beloved parents, loving companions and the rest,
Surrounded by my sons and daughters and other dear relations,
Together with food, wealth, clothing and possessions,
All shining brightly with their own beautifully coloured light.
Whatever I hold dear with my grasping mind,
All that I cherish in this world of mine,
I offer to the precious nirmanakaya guru.
Through this, may the objects of my emotional grasping be purified,
And may the pure wisdom which dwells within me be revealed.

The Secret Mandala Offering

Hung! Within my own body, this palace composed of the four elements,
Is the abiding place of the mind, the blazing heart.
It is supported by the gateways of the five sense organs,
And surrounded by the retinue of the eight consciousnesses.
It has flesh, blood, bones and many different internal organs.
Through the brilliant light of its two eyes the darkness is dispelled.
This illusory body of mine, with all its resources and capacities,
I offer to the guru who teaches me the definitive meaning.
Through this, may all the delusory appearances along my path be purified,
And may I realize the wisdom of my own pristine awareness!

From The Five Nails: The Preliminary Practice of the Northern Treasures revealed by Rigdzin Gödem (1337-1409)