New Red Annals

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New Red Annals (Tib. དེབ་ཐེར་དམར་པོ་གསར་མ་, deb ter marpo sarma, Wyl. deb ther dmar po gsar ma) was a historical text written by Panchen Sonam Drakpa‎ describing the political and military history of Central Tibet. It summarizes event between the period of 1480 and 1530 in a chronological order. The text begins with the takeover of the Ü-Tsang region by Dönyö Dorje from the Rinpung estate. This takeover lasted for four decades until internal fighting lead to the overthrow of the Rinpung clan and the Tsang polity was established. The text also describes context in forms of mentioning various events in the lives of great people at various central Tibetan institutions.

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