Ngawang Lodrö Shenpen Nyingpo

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Dampa Rinpoche Ngawang Lodrö Shenpen Nyingpo

Khangsar Dampa Rinpoche Ngawang Lodrö Shenpen Nyingpo (Wyl. ngag dbang blo gros gzhan phan snying po) (1876-1953) was the 64th throneholder of Ngor Monastery and the root teacher of His Holiness Sakya Trizin. He was a disciple of Jamyang Loter Wangpo, Khenpo Shenga and his own elder half-brother Drakra Jamyang Chökyi Nyima.


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  • Dhongthog Rinpoche, A History of the Sa-skya-pa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism (byang phyogs thub pa'i rgyal tshab dpal ldan sa-skya-pa'i bstan pa rin po che ji ltar byung ba'i lo rgyus rab 'byams zhing du snyan pa'i sgra dbyangs), New Delhi, 1977, pp. 340-349

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