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Ngawang Tendar Lharampa (Tib. ངག་དབང་བསྟན་དར་, Wyl. ngag dbang bstan dar, also named Tendar Lharampa, བསྟན་དར་ལྷ་རམས་པ་, bstan dar lha rams pa) (1759-1831) — a Gelugpa Geshe Lharampa from Mongolia. It is thought he may be the author of the commentary on Jikmé Lingpa's Yönten Dzö entitled A Golden Scalpel of Eloquence that Unravels the Vajra Knot of the Difficult Points of The Treasury of Precious Qualities.[1]


  1. The Treasury of Lives: "Although it was not uncommon for Mongolian Geluk lamas to engage with Nyingma practices, there is as yet no evidence that Ngawang Tendar did so himself, or that Ngawang Tendar and the Sokpo Tendar of the commentary are the same man."

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