Nine actions of the three doors

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The nine actions of the three doors (Tib. བྱ་བ་དགུ་ཕྲུགས་, Wyl. bya ba dgu phrugs) are mentioned in the Dzogchen teachings. They are all outer, inner, and secret activities of body, speech, and mind.

  • Three concern the body:
  1. outwardly, all worldly, distracting activities,
  2. inwardly, all ordinary virtuous deeds such as prostrations and circumambulations, and
  3. secretly, all unnecessary movements that scatter one‘s practice.
  • Three concern speech:
  1. outwardly, all worldly, deluded conversations,
  2. inwardly, all liturgies and recitations, and
  3. secretly, any talking whatsoever.
  • Three concern the mind:
  1. outwardly, all worldly, deluded thoughts,
  2. inwardly, all mental activity focused on visualizations of the development and the completion stages, and
  3. secretly, all movements of the mind.