Nonimplicative negation

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Nonimplicative negation (Skt. prasajyapratiṣedha or niṣedha; Tib. མེད་དགག་, megak, Wyl. med dgag) is a negation of existence, as in the statement "there is no cat", and is contrasted with an implicative negation, as in the statement "that is not a cat" which implies the presence of something other than a cat.

Its definition is: "realizing through mere preclusion by eliminating the object of negation using the conceptual mind" (རྟོག་བློས་དགག་བྱ་སྒྲུབ་པ་རྣམ་པར་བཅད་ནས་རྣམ་བཅད་ཙམ་དུ་རྟོགས་པར་བྱ་བ་, rtog blos dgag bya sgrub pa rnam par bcad nas rnam bcad tsam du rtogs par bya ba).

Alternative Translations

  • Absolute negation
  • External negation (Samten & Garfield)
  • Negation of existence
  • Simple negation
  • Unqualified negation (LCN)
  • Verbally bound negation
  • Nonaffirming negative (Padmakara)