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Nyarong aka Nyakrong (Tib, ཉག་རོང་, Wyl. nyag rong) is the name of one of the traditional districts of Kham situated on the upper basin of the Nyakchu river flowing from northwest to south, and a county in 21st century Tibet. It lies to the west of Dergé, the south and west of Hor. The lower basin is the Minyak district. To the east it borders Drango and Tawu, and to the south Litang and Nyakchukha.

It is a relatively low valley surrounded by high peaks. Situated outside the main trade routes between China and Central Tibet, Nyarong was isolated from the political centres of power and cross-boarder trade.

It is the region where Tertön Sogyal was born, and the place of Chagdud Monastery.

Chagdud is sometimes used as a synonym of Nyarong. Nyarong is also called Chagdud Rinang (Wyl. lcags mdud ri nang) and Nyak-Aji-Rong (Wyl. nyag adzi rong), “the Undefeated Valley of Nyak”.

Further Reading

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