Nyenlung Monastery

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Nyenlung monastery, courtesy of Lama Yeshe Wangmo / Jnanasukha Foundation

Nyenlung Monastery (Tib. སྙན་ལུང་དགོན་, Wyl. snyan lung dgon) aka ‘Pal Nyenlug Thekchen Chökhor Ling’ is a Nyingma monastery in the Golok region, in Serta county, Kham, Tibet.


It was founded in 1797 by Lama Sangngak and is considered a branch of Katok Monastery.


Nyenlung Monastery became famous in the the twentieth century for having been revived by two contemporary tertöns, Namtrul Rinpoche and his consort Tare Lhamo. 300 monks are now residing in the monastery.

Among the lineages held by the monastery are those of:

Recent Years

The monastery in now under the care of Tulku Lhaksam Namdak (Namtrul Rinpoche's son)[1].


  1. Tulku Lhaksam Namdak has been recognized as the rebirth of Khandro Tare Lhamo's son who died at a young age. (Source, Jnanasukha Foundation, invitation to join a travel to Nyenlung Gompa, June, 2016.

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