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The Pangtangma Catalogue (Tib. དཀར་ཆག་འཕང་ཐང་མ་, Wyl. dkar chag 'phang thang ma) is a catalogue listing texts that had been translated into Tibetan during the time of the Tibetan empire. The exact dating is contested; some scholars place it during the reign of Senalek Jingyön, others later, during the reign of King Tri Ralpachen.[1] It is the last of three known royally-decreed catalogues composed in the ninth century at the imperial courts; the other two being the Denkarma and the Chimphu Catalogue. Yet only two have survived, the Chimphu Catalogue has not been found. The Pangtangma itself had long been deemed lost as well, but has recently been found. It was first published by the Mirik Petrün Khang in 2003.



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Further Reading

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