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The path of joining (Skt. prayogamārga; Tib. སྦྱོར་ལམ་, jorlam, Wyl. sbyor lam) is the second of the five paths. It is divided into four stages known as:

  • warmth,
  • summit,
  • acceptance and
  • supreme attribute.

Patrul Rinpoche says:

“The path of joining is so called because it provides the connection to the direct insight of non-conceptual wisdom on the path of seeing. It consists of the stages of warmth and summit on which it is uncertain when one will reach the path of seeing, and the stages of acceptance and supreme attribute, on which one is sure to reach the path of seeing in the very same life.
The non-conceptual wisdom of the path of seeing is likened to a fire that incinerates the emotional obscurations. Just as two sticks will produce heat when they are rubbed together, before they catch fire, when certain indications or signs of ‘warmth’ develop in one’s being, as the coarser kleshas subside, this is known as the stage of warmth on the path of joining. The stage of summit is so named because it is the pinnacle of all sources of mundane virtue. Acceptance is so called because one can fearlessly accept the reality of emptiness as the nature of things. The stage of supreme attribute is so called because it is the best quality that can arise from mundane meditation.”
  • Once summit has been attained, it is said, the roots of virtue can never again be severed by wrong view.
  • Once acceptance has been attained, it is said, there can be no more falling into the lower realms.

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