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Pemayangtse Monastery

Pemayangtse (Tib. པདྨ་ཡང་རྩེ་་, Wyl. pad+ma yang rtse) - Pemayangtse was blessed by Guru Rinpoche who, according to the account, when searching for a place to practise, shot an arrow in the air. The place where the arrow landed is where Pemayangtse now stands.

The site of Pemayangtse Monstery was later chosen by Lhatsün Namkha Jikmé and Phuntsok Namgyal, the first Dharma king (Chögyal) of Sikkim. The monastery itself was built in 1705, during the reign of the third Chögyal, Chakdor Namgyal, and the third incarnation of Lhatsün, Jikmé Pawo. It was modelled on Mindroling in Tibet, where Jikmé Pawo had spent his early years, and it retained an important connection with Mindroling thereafter. Jetsün Mingyur Paldrön, the daughter of Terdak Lingpa, fled to Sikkim when Mongol invaders ransacked Mindroling Monastery and she spent time in Pemayangtse giving teachings and empowerments. The throne she used to teach from is located below the monastery.