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Purvavideha (Skt. Pūrvavideha; Tib. ཤར་གྱི་ལུས་འཕགས་, Lüpakpo, Wyl. lus 'phags po; Eng. 'Surpassing the Body') — one of the four continents situated to the East of Mount Meru. It is semi-circular in shape and white in colour, and flanked by the two subcontinents of Deha (Skt.; Tib. , Wyl. lus) and Videha (Skt.; Tib. Lüpak, Wyl. lus 'phags). Human beings who live there are twice as tall as us and have semi-circular faces; peaceful and vegetarian, they enjoy long and pleasurable lives (250 years) but devoid of any true Dharma. The principal attribute of this continent is its jewel mountain made of diamonds, lapis lazuli, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, gold, silver and crystal.