Sangdak Trinlé Lhundrup

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Sangdak Trinlé Lhundrup (Tib. གསང་བདག་འཕྲིན་ལས་ལྷུན་གྲུབ་, Wyl. gsang bdag 'phrin las lhun grub) (1611-1662)

Lama Chökyi Nyima writes:

Sangdak Trinlé Lhundrup was the son and principal student of Khedrup Do-ngak Tendzin (1576-1628), a holder of the mainstream Dzogchen lineage of the Nyingtik teachings. He received these teachings from his father, as well as transmissions of the kama and terma teachings, and studied with many other Nyingma gurus. Thrinlé Lhundrup also studied with Sarma masters, including the Third Pawo Rinpoché of the Kagyü School, Tsuklak Gyatso (1567-1630/3), from whom he received his novice vows. Sangdak Thrinlé Lhundrup was renowned as a master of Dzogchen and a major figure in that lineage.[1]

He was also the father of Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje.


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